When offering a service we put the greatest emphasis on the maximum comfort of our customer. Nowadays, the service is the main issue in which the companies differ. Ambition of our company is to be fully available for our client, to solve his suggestions and requests, to allow him to enter to projection of products and to offer him a complex package of services in the area of stone commodities. Our focus is mostly on the fulfillment of the needs of our client or a business partner.

Concrete points of our service:

  1. working out of quotation
  2. a course
  3. a meterage - project documentation and expert supervising of realizations
  4. a transport
  5. an installation

1. Working out of quotation

Spustili sme unikátny online výpočtový konfigurátor pracovných dosiek a výrobkov z kameňa. Neváhajte a aj Vy vyskúšajte pohodlie okamžitého online modelovania. Už žiadne čakanie! Naceňujte a objednávajte kedykoľvek a odkiaľkoľvek. Prejsť na online konfigurátor.

2. A course

In the case of interest we afford a course in the area of special presentation and technical attributes of natural and artificial stone

3. A meterage

Expert documentation of meterage in the whole area of Slovak republic, Czech republic, Austria and other for free it is necessary to advice us of the date of meterage 1 week in advance, the meterages concern interior products only

4. A transport

The whole area of Slovakia and foreign countries.

5. An installation

Dodacie lehoty nájdete v naších obchodných podmienkách v sekcii "Dodacie podmienky" bod 6.

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